Freddie Bonjar

Freddie Bonjar Powerhouse percussionist Freddie Bonjar is amongst an elite group of in demand musicians serving Los Angeles and the International music scene. He has been an influential part of the growth and modernization of Middle Eastern music.

Born Feraydoun Bonjar to a cultural Iranian household, his family migrated to America and later to Canada in the late 80’s.

His attraction to music was apparent from a young age. A self thought musician, he is also an aspiring producer/session percussionist as well as being noted as one of the leading and forceful players in the world; able to fuse cultures and swing effortlessly through different musical genres.

Freddie has toured and recorded with some of the leading acts in the Middle East, the U.S. and Canada. From 1998 to 2005 he toured and recorded with many local and visiting bands in his hometown of Vancouver, B.C and up on finishing school at UBC he migrated to Los Angeles where he was quickly noticed for his drumming abilities and a humorous charisma offstage to accommodate his on stage skills. In 2007 he joined Middle Eastern sensation Mansour. After two consecutive years of touring, he recorded LIVE AT NOKIA with the band which was released as a New Year’s TV special in 2010 on PMC satellite network with an audience of over 20 million viewers in 8 countries. The commercial success saw the band release its 10th album later that year and a vigorous world tour in 2011 in support of it.

Freddie’s other credits include The B.C Salsa, Afshin, Brand X, The Anchor Babies, Me and My Giant, Xpatriate, Moein, Black Cats, Benyamin Bahadori, Valy, Andy Madadian, Ebi, Nancy Ajram, Batista, Shani Rigsby, and many more.

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