GeorgeGeorge and the Gypsy Boys are magnificent when they take the stage. From the moment George picks up his guitar and plays the first note you can see the energy level go up amongst the guests at his event. George is called the “Gorgeous George the Showman Heart Throb Guitarist”.  The difference between George and the rest of the other guitar players is that George makes his performance look unique and sound awesome by dancing while playing the guitar behind his head and other amazing styles he uses while performing. Georges best quality is his emotion Feeling and personality in his music .George learned how to put personality in his performance by his Uncle Duey Stevens. He was also taught to play Bouzouki by the great Jonny Sporos. As a kid George use to listen to old Zambetas records, he studied more into picking than finger work. George says “That’s where all the feeling comes from its all in the picking”. The style of music Gypsy Boys play are “Greek, Serbian, Gypsy, Latin, Electronica and Italian”

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