Moris’s first inclination to play drums took place in Tehran at the age of three. “I ran into my family’s kitchen and started banging on all the pots and pans,” says Moris. His natural gift wasn’t left unnoticed by his parents who later hired a professional percussionist to teach him Tombak lessons. Carefully following the techniques found in the Hossein Tehrani book that his instructor gave him, Moris advanced his skills on the Tomback. His love for the drums grew. When Moris turned twelve, he taught himself how to play the congos. He dreamed of one day playing for others.

During his teenage years, Moris’s family relocated to Los Angeles. Moris joined the orchestra at University High School. His music teacher quickly caught on to his ambition and helped groom his talent. At the beginning of his Junior year, the school offered Moris a paid salary to teach his own percussion course to beginner level students. More than ever, Moris was motivated to become a professional performer.

Moris played his first solo gig at a local lounge, where he was well received. Following his performance, a musician in the audience approached Moris. He encouraged Moris to pursue his passion and that he believed he would one day become famous. The musician then connected Moris with his brother, a pianist who recently moved from Israel. The two collaborated and had an instinct click. They were invited to perform at many events together. Moris also performed with his friend from high school, a DJ who spun at big shows. Eventually, Moris expanded his instrumental talent, mastering the bongos, timbales, and full drum set.

As his popularity grew, Moris was requested to perform with mainstream Persian singers including Siavash Shams, Leila Forouhar, Omid, Shahram Solati, Farshid Amin, Mansour, Shahram Solati, and Kamy R. His dream finally became a reality. Moris toured the world, performing at concerts for thousands of people.

Moris returned to Southern California and continued to perform locally. He started his own business where he could perform at weddings, mitzvahs, engagement parties, birthdays, and corporate events. This was perfect for Moris, because he got to do what he loved the most on a personal level by sharing people’s happiest moments with them.

Moris’s experience, talent, and hard work has earned him a very strong following in the community. Since his teenage years, he has performed at thousands of events and built lasting partnerships with the best of the best singers, DJ’s, and instrumentalists. Moris specializes in a broad range of genres. He plays Persian music, Top 40, House, Arabic, Indian, Spanish, and World Music. Performing will always continue to be Moris’s passion. You may spot him playing in his signature dazzling, stone-studded bowties. “I feel like I’m on a red carpet every time I take the stage,” says Moris with a big smile on his face.

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