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Music is the heart of your event

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Music is the heart and soul of any event. Music sets the tone and creates a mood for everyone who attends. We have all experienced the power of music. Music can be healing and make us feel alive and happy. Music makes us sing along, dance and sometimes, jump to the beat. The wrong music can have a lasting effect. It is because of this impact, that is why I continually say, “Don’t think of your DJ as an iPod” or stagnant playback unit. Your DJ is an interactive piece to your wedding puzzle. While your DJ is not the guest of honor for your wedding reception, your DJ plays one of the most important roles at your event.

Your DJ will kick off the celebration and set the tone for your party. They will also keep the fun going until the end. Some people think having just anyone DJ music at their wedding will be fine for what they need. Economic challenges may also influence a couple’s decision. For an event that takes so long to plan, a detail as important as your celebration’s DJ should involve serious thought. Since a wedding is one of the most important days of your life, choosing your DJ should be a key component in your wedding plan.

While your wedding is certainly about you and your love, your guests will spend the most time celebrating while listening to music. Because of this, your guests will appreciate the attention you pay to selecting a DJ for a perfect reception. Your DJ must be sensitive to your guests, taking into consideration the right music for the crowd. Age, musical taste and guest interaction should all be taken into account when selecting music. Your DJ must be able to keep the energy of your celebration going, reading the activity on the dance floor at all times. This is the sign of an excellent DJ! Your perfect DJ will play the music you love, leaving your guest wanting more and more until the party ends. The true test of a successful DJ is that they leave all of your guests should wanting to stay at the party for just one more song.

To ensure your reception or event is a success, planning is the key. Don’t just hire the first name you hear; do your homework. Research is an important step to planning any event. Take your time to search Google, Yelp and other search engines for local DJ services. Check for videos of past events they have worked. Ask your friends for suggestions, and ask potential DJs for references. A great DJ will have many great references to offer. Steer clear of a DJ who cannot provide you with a link to a happy customer. A major point to consider is experience. While a friend may seem entertaining at a party, hosting the most important day of your life is a different story. An experienced DJ will create an experience that all of your guests will enjoy. The perfect DJ will make your reception an unforgettable celebration, something your guests will always remember.

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